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The arts I love. :love:


The Hawk's Nest (DA Family):

Wife: :iconmaddzee:
Evil millionaire twin bent on world domination. We both are. :mwahaha:: :iconirathegreek:
Older brother: :iconhawkwindfan2016:
Crazy brother who thinks he's a knight: :iconknightz22:
Sister: :iconfairygal11:
Son: :iconetastic:
Daughters: :iconbloodwind101::iconx-devilsplayground-o::iconhaztelo:
Cousin: :iconbladeswipe:
My other (shroomy) Cousin: :iconpl4y3r7w0:
The Crazy Badass Artist drawing on my basement walls: :iconshadedfall65:
Crazy Uncle: :icongalacticmuhrine:
Personal Ninja :ninja:: :iconxyorutenshi:
Weird trigger-happy hermit from down the street: :iconmakershy:
Neighbor who owns wolves: :iconcrush-the-wolf:
Guardian Angel: :iconi-re-na-216:
Pet Kitty :meow:: :iconthepurplerosex:
Keyblade wielding cat-kid that lives in my backyard (Again, :meow:): :icondrakonangel:
Insane Icon artist: :iconworld-detective-l:
Le amazing mutant kitty that knows what Taekwondo is like and loves Homestuck and is also Hawk's fangirl: :icontoniigh-t:

If you'd like to join, ask me and give me your place in the family. Join the Hawk's Nest today!


:star:TEAM HAWKEYE!:star:



I will decide who will be a part of the Team. If you are an exceptional artist, you may join. If you are a good friend, real or Internet or both, you may join. If you are a Japanese monkey that likes singing the "American Dad" theme and doing may join. :rofl:

But seriously. If you are somebody I've never really spoken (or written) to, or somebody who wants this solely for promotion...
...walk out right now.


Shoutout to my friends from the Internet and life:

:iconhawkwindfan2016: AKA "ReginaldVanHook" and "TheACapMan" on Youtube. He's an interesting novelist who I stumbled upon (not on StumbleUpon) on Youtube. Go watch this guy; he may not have much out yet, but he's an underdog of a writer worth checking out and chatting with.

:iconalbino-lover: AKA "3Hedgies" on Youtube.
Awesome DA friend, great digital artist, and assistant in all things FUA! But besides that, we met on a and we quickly became friends...after some jokes about us being BF and GF. I'll admit, that was an interesting period of time. Go watch this beetch; she made my icon, so you know she's awesome!
(Deactivated :()

:iconxyorutenshi: AKA "xYorutenshi" on Youtube.
Let me start by saying that she is an amazing artist. I've commissioned her a couple of times, and the results were just breath-taking. I immediately became her friend, and ninja partner in crime, and it went from there. At one point, every time I commented, we'd do a little RP as ninjas. It was hilarious. She is a kind-hearted, wonderful artist and I encourage you to go watch her. Sore o iku!

:iconx-devilsplayground-o: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
Snowy Snowy Snowy. You are a pretty cool girl in my opinion. A talented digital artist, with a badass OC, and an amiable personality. I remember when I tried to draw Kaos for one of your contests; I don't know how you draw Kaos so well every time with him being so complicated. I recommend her, and I want all of you to go watch her and give her a llama.

:icontoniigh-t: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
I don't remember how we met, but I do remember one thing: The Minecraft RP. That was a key point in how we became friends, and from then on, we were good friends. She's my prime RP friend; if I am to RP with anybody on DeviantART, it would be with her. She is a great artist with a lovable OC and I love the ASDFGHJKL out of her, so go and meet her yourself. And while you're at it, give her a llama. <3

:iconrealmofeternity: Does not have a Youtube.
We have had awkward and funny times together. With similar tastes in art and music, she is too a writer and, pardon my language, but a damn good one. She has multiple stories of all her characters that she creates to articulate her, which is pretty interesting if you ask me. Go watch her; her captivating stories of shadowing thought will keep you reading to the end.

:iconxenoxq: Does not have a Youtube.
Another friend I know from school. He's a rather interesting person in my opinon; he's got the musical talent and the smarts, and still manages to pull off dying his hair. From what I've seen in terms of visual art, he draws whatever is on his mind, and that gives his artwork a greater diversity. Also, if you are a Brony, then you'll love some of his pone art. Go check out his profile, give him a llama, and for the heck of it, give him a watch!

:iconshadedfall65: AKA "SilverShazeandBlaze9" on Youtube.
*Sigh.* Where do I begin with this kid? A long time ago, back in the grade school days, I was friends with this guy. We were the BEST of elementary school standards. He's somewhat new and has an interesting OC, Joshua. He's also done some digital artwork, albiet you probably knew by his icon. Go and watch this dude!

:icondrakonangel: AKA "DongigaRuler" on Youtube.
My neighbor. If I could describe him, I would be like this: If you needed somebody to share love of Japanese anything, this is your guy. Again, we are pretty good friends, usually talking on the XBox while playing Skyrim. Also, if you bring up Homestuck, get ready for adventure. Watch this guy if you like Japan, Homestuck, both, and/or me.

:iconanimeangle101: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
We met rather strangely (IRL.) While playing a game of Man-Hunt with marching band people, I'm sneaking in the bushes playing the Entr'acte from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. From then on, we discussed anime like crazy. Who was the best characters, the best death scenes, the worst, everything and anything. She is a wonderful person to be with not just for that; she is kind-hearted to almost everybody. Go watch her!

:iconshironami23: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
Another interesting encounter. It's October. It's a home game against the 3rd best team in the STATE, and it's raining cats and dogs. I'm standing there, getting soaked down to the bone, and I bring up an old scene from, what else, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. A conversation strikes, and it eventually ends up with a heated discussion over which FMA was better: the original or the newer one? I was in favor of the newer one, and the discussion ended in a draw. We were fast friends, and I love her and her artwork to pieces.

:iconcynessie: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
How we met: Spanish class. The topic: Spanish stuff. How we became friends: Mentioning DeviantART. I never realized so many people had DA accounts before I asked them; I was surprised, especially since about 66% of the people I know who have DA accounts have had them before me. Anyway, it was a quick bond, and as soon as I looked through her gallery, I was amazed. Watch Cynessie; she has amazing artwork and is a great friend. Grasias!

:iconthementlegen: Does not have a Youtube that I know of.
Ahem, MentleGen? This guy is another RL friend of mine that I've known since the days of eld. A fellow brony and an interesting person to know, TheMentleGen is your guy for GMod, ponies, military, gaming, or all combined into one big potluck of awesome. Go and watch him for me!...And before I stop, I must ask something. Did anybody happen to kill a Red Spy on the way here?

Go check out their profiles and Youtube channels. :icondoitplz:

Hello, my fellow Deviants. I'm here with another stream of updates! As many of you can tell by the title, school will be starting soon for me. I'll be back in for my senior year in a week. So, that's one thing.


I'd also like to apologize for my lack of activity over the summer. I've been busy with college essays and summer assignments, plus spending time with my family and friends. So, if you were expecting more art, sorry I couldn't provide.

On another note, I didn't end up going to Bronycon; had a family obligation that popped up. So, I'm still a "convention virgin"; I've never been to a con before. I've had several friends IRL go to cons, and have seen their cosplays, but I've never been to a con altogether. They're either on a school day that I can't afford to skip, or on the weekends when I have predetermined plans. So, I don't know if I'll attend any cons this year, but if I do, I'll mention it.

Finally, other life updates. I've recently been seeing a tutor to better myself in algebra and calculus-based physics. It's challenging to do, especially since I'll be going for another SAT II in about a month, along with an ACT. I'm trying to make my test scores the best they can be for when I submit my application. I'm shooting for big schools, and I won't settle for less. Being the studious, school-oriented person I am, I've high expectations for the payoff to all the work I put into my scholastic life. Attending an Ivy League school and getting a diploma will give me a prestige that'll greatly help in forwarding my career. In a year, I'll know what school I'll be attending, and I may even be there, in a dorm. My future as an adult in college isn't far away, but I'll still be a Deviant.


So, there you go. Another update journal. I'll see you all soon. Stay in school! :3

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Adrian Von Zeigler
  • Reading: The Plague
  • Watching: Let&#039;s Play Minecraft!
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: A muffin! :D
  • Drinking: Tea.

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Hello DeviantART!

-I am a sci-fi and fantasy writer, novice anthro artist, musician and an Honor student at my high school.
-I love all kinds of video games (expect skater). Whether it's MW3 or Okamiden, Assassin's Creed or Castlevania. I like new games, and LOVE old games.
-I'm a furry, I'm a brony, and I'm a Whovian. If you don't like that, don't leave hate comments. Just move on.

I refuse to show my face on any site. I'm just a security nut like that. :XD:

Enjoy the artwork!

P.S.: Give a llama, get a llama!

Current Residence: The confines of my diseased imagination. >:3
Favourite genre of music: Instumental Rock, Epic, Electronic, Breakcore/Raggacore
Favourite style of art: Digital Art, Abstract, Socio-Political, Literature
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional
MP3 player of choice: 3G iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Mortar...
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo Kurosaki, the Elric brothers, Gen Shishio, Winry Rockbell, Cheza, and L.
Personal Quote: "Everything is limitless."




Lovely, aren't they? :iconchrysalisawesomeplz:

Anybody got Pokemon X/Y Friend Codes? 

2 deviants said I'm open for trades and battles. :3


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80 :points:: Symmetrical Sketch or Album Cover.
80 :points:: Poem (free verse/Shakespearean sonnet).
160 :points:: Story. Stories will be as long as I can make them, if you can supply sufficient details. They will always be over four pages in length, in terms of Size 12 Times New Roman and single-spaced.

Discuss with me about extended stories and/or other things that should be of concern.

Commissions may take from less than two days to two weeks, depending on your request. Please be patient if you commission me; don't consistantly ask me.

Donate any amount and you will get a llama! And maybe even cake!

Expected milestones:

15000 pageviews
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22222 pageviews

These are special numbers! Catch them, because I won't! D:


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hey hawkeye :la: well :iconvixxik-volt-academy is going through a reboot so if you still want to join you wan resubmit your app if not it was great having you there c:
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Alright. Thanks for telling me. :3
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no probs if you ever want to have another to join the group please wait a while xD the app layouts and icon stuff will be renewed and look much better c:
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I resubmitted the app to the group. But I understand.
happy birthday! [link]
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